About us:

Established in 2004 in Los Angeles California, Alpha Pet Dog Training offers almost 2 decades of teaching positive reinforcement methods for behavioral and obedience challenges. APD’s behavior specialist has assessed and worked with thousands of dogs of all ages and breeds. Alpha Pet Dog's Internationally trained Behavior Specialist uses non-confrontational methods to successfully work with clients and their dogs, shaping desired behaviors, training actions that are incompatible with negative behavior. These type of training methods lessen a dog's frustration and make training a positive and fun experience.                                                                                                                                                              APD can assist you with challenges such as separation anxiety, fear, biting, bite-inhibition, dog aggression, human aggression, aggression management, possessiveness, resource guarding, food aggression, housebreaking, soiling, hypertension, socialization, destructiveness, leash-reactivity, jumping, new puppy training, management and much, much more.
APD has demonstrated competency in many core areas including assessment, management and intervention strategies, consulting and extensive knowledge of canine-specific function and responses.                                                                                                                                                                         APD has worked with dog owners, Animal Control agencies and 501(c)(3) dog rescues all over the United States. APD's
scientifically proven, effective methods help modify or eliminate undesired / negative behaviors by conditioning new patterns and behaviors without the use of force. This is done in a constructive way that will help turn your dog into a well balanced canine.

Some of the most important cornerstones of dog training are proper communication, consistency and respect without force. Training methods used have a direct impact on your dog's welfare. Studies (i.e. UFAW, 2004) have shown that punishment-based training is associated with an increased incidence of problematic behaviors and anxiety, even if the undesired behavior initially seem to decline (due to suppression). To truly change a dog's behavior a trainer needs to possess the know-how to analyze the source and trigger of a undesirable behavior,  then apply a targeted, customized program (i.e. counter-condition and desensitize exercises) based on the dog's temperament, learning ability among other considerations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It should be of concern for any responsible and caring dog owner how their dog is being trained, especially when a Train & Board program at times might seem to be the 'easiest' (though very costly) solution. For immutable and lasting results behavioral training is indeally conducted in the dog's own environment, involving care-takers and family members of appropriate age.
Alpha Pet Dog's Behavior Specialist uses methods deemed humane and are endorsed by the international behavioral canine community, Humane Societies and D.V.M. Behaviorists worldwide. Alpha's behavior specialist has studied and specialized in canine behavior since 2004 after deciding to leave the corporate world for a more fulfilling line of work. APD's trainer completed a dog training apprenticeship in Los Angeles CA, attended
and completed hundreds of hours of accredited Continuing Educational Credits (C.E. credits) hands-on workshops, courses and classes to further their education in the field of R+ dog training and ethology (the science of animal training). APD does not endorse or use shock  collars, chokers or other negative training methods to train, condition, manage or shape behaviors. These training tools can cause severe psychological distress and/or pain for your dog, especially ultra-sensitive, fearful dogs.
                                                                    APD’s head trainer is FA/CPR accredited and certified and voluntarily maintains numerous professional memberships with organizations such as A.B.S. (Animal Behavior Society, current), I.A.A.B.C. (current) and the APDT (2004-2013).
In 2020 Alpha Pet Dog Training relocated to the beautiful Central Coast of California and is now accepting new clients for private training (obedience or behavior), Train-all-Day programs, puppy training and management, as well as some limited pet care for the following areas:
San Luis Obispo County: Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Avila, Nipomo, Oceano, Grover Beach, Paso Robles, Atascadero. Parts of Santa Barbara Co. and out of area appointments are welcome. Please inquire for availability and details.
Alpha Pet Dog was described as a "Hollywood A-Lister's best kept secret since 2004". While operating in the L.A. area Alpha Pet Dog Training worked with numerous TV and Film personalities; in their homes as well as on the old Alpha Pet Dog Ranch in the beautiful mountains above Los Angeles, CA.