PRIVATE IN-HOME APPOINTMENT: $150 - Consultation, training, obedience or behavioral, etc. (per hr., So. San Luis Obispo County, No. County = $175)


ALL-DAY-TRAIN & PLAY: a full day of training, obedience or behavior in the client's home (9am-5pm). This is a customized intense multifaceted all day training Program. Included is a initial interview, assessment, development of targeted exercises & successful management addressing client's areas of concern. This is a effective program getting the entire family, staff, etc. involved -  $595 (best value).      

TEMPERAMENT AVALUATIONS: $225 -Temperament evaluation includes a initial owner interview, full assessment and testing for a variety of different issues. From general personality, mental & physical sensitivity, possessiveness, fears, dominance, various reactivity or aggressiveness.                                                                                                     Fee is for 1 dog, South SLO County (No. County/Santa Maria: $250). Additional dogs $125.

Out of area appointments are available for most services. Please call or email for other customized services or requests, fees and availability.



Other available services:

In-home Pet Sitting:

1 visit (local) $35 and up (depending on # of dogs, meds, special handling, services)


1 visit including a customized training lesson: $95 (multi-pet households please call for details to get a quote).

Dog Car Service/Transport:

$1.95-$2.25 per mile depending on distance & time of day ($40 minimum, rate, 1 dog). All transports are done with fully individualized safety and security in a fully insured luxury SUV vehicle. 



Services & Fees